Cultures that transcend frontiers and generations. Salient cities that ring with beauty and ingenuity. Natural wonders that leave an everlasting impression. Traditions that amaze and fascinate. Welcome to Asia, the largest on most populous continent on earth. With history dating back thousands of years, and contrasts that will keep you on your toes, no matter where you decide to explore, adventure will find you, and the memories will last forever…


Middle East
Right on the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv is not only the business capital of Israel, it is a lively city with lots of entertainment, beaches, art, festivals, great dining and a jumping nightlife. It is also a great place from which to set out and discover Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and many other sites of the region.

20 Gorgeous destinations to choose from: Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico,
Palm Island, Saint Lucia, San Juan/Puerto Rico, St. Martin/St. Maarten, Turks & Caicos/Parrot Cay

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United States
For an authentic sun-kissed glow, countless beaches line the Florida coast. For sizzle and adventure, Las Vegas offers an unbeatable nightlife. For culture, luxury and Broadway theatre, New York is unique. For exotic travel, without going to the farthest corners of the earth, discover the United States.

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Choose from a large collection of centrally located hotels, convenient car rentals and fun activities in more than 40 of Europe’s most dynamic cities.

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South America
Home to some of the world's most magnificent natural wonders, vibrant cities and architectural landmarks, South America will bring sunshine to your heart and music to your ears. Enjoy the warmth and the hospitality, taste the delicious cuisines, dance to the sensual rhythms and live the pasión in lavish celebrations. You’ll meet some truly amazing people during your journey and brace yourself, because you'll probably catch that contagious spirit that embodies this part of the world and transforms almost every traveller.

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South Pacific
The City of Sails, the Great Barrier Reef, the Outback. Evocative names that fail to transmit the full, breathtaking beauty of Australia and New-Zealand. From the beaches of Sydney to the shops of Melbourne; from the snow-capped peaks near Queenstown to the port of Auckland, you will wish for time to slow down so that you can experience it all. And right next door, the South Pacific islands are so isolated and remote that life seems to be quite litterally from a different time, a different universe.
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To experience the real Alaska, come to where the mountains are taller, the rivers mightier and the wildlife more plentiful than any place else on earth. This is cruising Alaska. A rugged, untamed wilderness where the forests go on forever and the summer days never end. Alaska is a pristine wilderness of ice-blue glaciers, snow-capped mountain peaks and huge whales breaking the surface of crystalline waters.
The magic and mystery of Bermuda with its long stretches of pink sand beaches divided by cliffs and coves covets travelers and cruisers from all over the world.
The two main cruise ports, St. George's and the capital of Bermuda, the City of Hamilton are perfect spots for excursions such as watersports, golf, tours, shopping and sightseeing.

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History. It's everywhere you turn. Down narrow, cobble-stoned streets, atop rugged mountain cliffs just off the decks of your cruise ship. Escape all the pressures of civilization without missing out on any of its pleasures.
Your days ashore are invitations to adventure, education and the pure pleasure of seeing things you've only read about before. Visit castles, museums and galleries. Explore ancient cities through winding canals. From glorious gardens and gilded theaters to famous boulevards and fabled landmarks, you're in for a picture-perfect experience.
Panama Canal
Slice through Central America via the most famous canal in the world. With more than 900 species of birds, 10,000 species of plants, 1,350 plants and animals indigenous to the country and more species of mammals and amphibians than any other Central American country, Panama has one of the richest tropical environments on earth. Follow the footsteps of the conquistadors and immerse yourself in Panama's rich ecological and cultural diversity.
One of the most popular cruise destinations in the world, the Bahamas offers it all...the tropics, history, culture. The Bahamas is just 100 miles off the coast of Florida and offers the perfect climate, averaging just over 75 degrees, crystal clear turquoise waters and pearly white beaches. Some of the most affordable cruises are to the Bahamas with plenty of itineraries, so cover your nose in suntan lotion and slide on the shades... it's time to cruise the Bahamas.
Sleeping under a palm tree, strolling on endless beaches and eating ice cream while floating in a turquoise sea. What could be further from your everyday world? When you sail the Caribbean you'll discover how relaxing, entertaining and just plain fun a week really can be. Visit a variety of beautiful islands and escape to paradise on your next vacation.
Most people don't think of Hawaii as a popular cruise destination...but think again. Like a script from a movie, Hawaii offers everything from long sandy beaches and famous surf to towering cliffs, waterfalls and volcanoes.
Experience all of the enchanting beauty and adventure of the Hawaiian islands, but at the end of the day, board your luxurious floating resort and enjoy a deck party, incredible cuisine, and entertainment into the night.
Mexico offers some of the world's best sunsets, warmest weather, and most exciting activities. You'll experience the island paradise that many of the popular Mexican ports of call offer. But you'll also feel the quaint, warmth of small towns and vibrant history and culture.
With such destinations as the "happening" Cabo San Lucas, the culture and vast beaches of Mazatlan, the "Cinderella of the Pacific" Ensenada, the meca that is Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, and more, you can be sure your cruise vacation won't just leave you with a sombrero and a hangover... but memories forever and the desire to go back
South America
South America is huge, with scenic wonders that would impress even the most jaded traveler, cosmopolitan cities and native villages, snow-capped mountains, deserts and lush rain forests, miles of sandy beaches and areas so isolated a visitor feels swept back in time.

There are many options to cruising South America, and there is no better way to explore this vast continent than on a cruise vacation.
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Explore Asia's hidden treasures with Air Canada Vacations. On this 16-day journey, you will experience the bustling energy of Hong Kong, riveting sights of Thailand, tranquility of Bali and much more.

Or try our tour of the Great Cities of Asia is a breathtaking tour of the most exciting cities. This 15-day journey will take you to the great cities of China, Thailand and Japan. Ideal for those who just don't know what to see first.

Another popular tour is our Air Canada Vacations 15-day tour of China, including a cruise down the Yangtze River. This journey lets you experience the cultural diversity of China.
The South Pacific
Air Canada Vacations' 27-day cruise tour of the South Pacific is more than a Journey; it's an expedition. During this tour, you will visit the most exciting cities of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. To top it off, you will get a unique viewpoint of the region as you explore it by sea during a 14-day cruise.

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South America
Prepare for an adventure. Air Canada Vacations' 27-day tour through South America is for the explorer in you. Including a 14-day cruise around Patagonia, this trip will let you retrace the steps of Ferdinand Magellan while experiencing South America's most breathtaking sights.

Want to experience South America's typical Latin charm? Air Canada Vacations' 12-day tour will take you from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro for a music-infused holiday.
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