TravelOnly has many unique benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Only TravelOnly has 45+ years of supplier relationships.
  • You will never be on your own, you are part of a community you can reach out to at any time.
  • Network with other agents on our proprietary social platforms.
  • Access our help desk about absolutely any question.
  • Enjoy regular marketing tools sent to your customers on your behalf. It’s Key your customers think of you when they think of travel.
You will learn the business from professionals who have been in the industry OVER 45 years, access professional training materials that you can refer to time and time again. Our accredited CTC trainers will help you every step of the way. Worried about customers? TravelOnly provide QUALITY sales leads. You will have your very own, customized website with seven booking engines branded with your name. And, Best of all? We offer you the ability to retain commissions – up to 100%. That is more than any other host agencies offer because of our TOP supplier commission structures and the fact we don’t pay less on non preferred suppliers. Key points to consider as you make this very important decision:

Lead Generation:

Is a tricky subject many host agencies say “We guarantee the number of leads you will get.” You need to ask… how do you guarantee the quality of the lead? And do I earn less on those sales? … as it may not be even worth your time! At TravelOnly our approach is very different… Yes we have state of the art proprietary lead generation programs but our real goal is to provide the resources including marketing $$$ to create relationships with your clients. This will create bookings, repeat business and referrals AND this is how your business will GROW!



Your own Travel Website:



Although all of our training can be done on-line at your own pace it is delivered via live & recorded webinar as well as in a classroom setting and provides first hand destination experience. TravelOnly is your accredited training institute.

Booking systems:

Although you can have access to the Sabre GDS system it is complicated to learn and takes up valuable training time. With our web based booking system and direct supplier access you can be booking travel straight away because of the user friendly learning curve. Note: many other host agencies have hidden booking fees. TravelOnly does not charge booking fees!

Our Contract:

Travel industry regulations require that your contract is renewable annually. We will notify you starting 90 days prior to your renewal. We don’t put any restrictions on you if you choose to leave us. We don’t charge you extra fees

Our ongoing support:

We have a support team exclusively dedicated to supporting our new agents and a proprietary support platform providing unmatched peer support!