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The Family That Travels Together Stays Together!

Planning a family vacation is truly a labor of love, whether it’s extended family, multi-generational, non-nuclear or a traditional family with young children. Exploring and booking destinations, inclusive packages, tours, flights, accommodations and on-site transportation can be a daunting undertaking – a recent study found that travelers, on average, made 38 visits to travel site before purchasing their vacation!  Even though your vacation will create lifelong memories, the amount of work in booking a family vacation can be exhausting.

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Top Group Destinations

Sharing an experience with people we care about (or at the very least enjoy the company of) is the core of any group getaway. Be it relishing a meal together, catching sight of the amazing or just relaxing on a beach within earshot of friendly conversation, we find it immensely pleasurable to enjoy adventures with others. Part of that enjoyment derives from the fact that we all agree upon a lovely destination, a locale we all find to be delightful and plain awesome. So, how do you decide on which destinations fits your group best? Here’s a short list to give you some ideas.

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The peak of experiential travel: Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest volcano and peak in Africa, making it a one of the most majestic summits one can challenge. One mountain that changes the lives of all who climb it, Kilimanjaro is a journey like no other.

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